New South Wales Results - Super Challenge 2020

Note: Merits were awarded to approx. 10% of all teams; Honours awarded to approx. 20% of all teams.

Congratulations again to all teams who have participated in ToM 2020

Sydney North

Merit Honours
Neutral Bay Public School – 'Desert Cinere' ARTS Balgowlah Heights Public School – 'BHPS A' ARTS
Neutral Bay Public School - 'Princes' ARTS Balgowlah Heights Public School – 'BHPS B' ARTS
Northcross Christian School - 'Asteroidea' LL Neutral Bay Public School – 'Crystal Seekers' ARTS
Northcross Christian School - 'Terra' STEM Neutral Bay Public School – 'The Exiles' ARTS
St Aloysius College - 'THE HUMAN SPIRIT' SS
Northrbridge Public School - 'TOM Northrbridge' SS
Merit Honours
Brigidine College, St Ives - 'Kilty Pleasures' SS Meriden School – 'The Honey Jumbles' STEM
Meriden School – 'B(oxy)morons' LL Meriden School – 'Voices of the Past' SS
    Queenwood - '2' SS
St Aloysius' College SS SS

Sydney East

Merit Honours
Drummoyne PS - 'STEMPIRE' STEM Woollahra PS - 'Team 1' LL
Ascham School SS Randwick PS SS
Woollahra PS - 'Team 2' SS St Mark's Primary SS
Woollahra PS - 'Team 3' ARTS Rozelle PS SS
Drummoyne PS - 'Spectacular 7' ARTS
Merit Honours
St Vincent's College LL SCEGGS - 'Team 3' LL
SCEGGS - 'Team 7' SS Sydney Girls' HS - 'Green' LL
Caringbah HS - 'Team 1' SS Rose Bay Secondary College STEM
SCEGGS - 'Team 2' SS
SCEGGS - 'Team 8' SS
SCEGGS - 'Team 4' SS

Sydney South West

Merit Honours
Holsworthy PS LL Campsie PS LL
Berala PS - '​Team E' STEM Greenacre PS - '​Legends' LL
Mortdale PS - 'Mathemagicians' STEM Robert Townson PS - 'Townson Tigers' STEM
Georges Hall PS - ​'Fast and Serious' SS Bellfield College - '​Time Travellers' STEM
Broughton Anglican Junior College - '​4th wall breakers' SS Bellfield College - '​Spongebob Smart Pants' STEM
St Peters Anglican Y6 ARTS St Helen’s Park - '​Stemmers' (Spirit of TOM) STEM
Berala PS - ​'Team F' ARTS Newington College SS
Campsie PS ARTS Camden Sth PS ​- '7 Amigos' SS
Mortdale PS - '​Mortdale Marvels' SS
Greenacre PS - '​Uniquely Different' SS
St Peters Anglican - 'Y5' ARTS
Carlton Sth PS - '1' ARTS
St Andrews PS ​- 'Monte Carlo' ARTS
Camden Sth PS - '​Iggle Piggles' ARTS
Cobbity PS ARTS
Merit Honours
Wollondily Anglican STEM Broughton Anglican College STEM
Broughton Anglican - '​BAC to TOM' SS Cabramatta HS - ​'Agents of CHS' STEM
Wollondily Anglican - 'SS2' SS
Magdalene Catholic College SS
Broughton Anglican - 'TomARToes' ARTS

Sydney West

Merit Honours
Blue Mountains Grammar Junior School – 'Shine Brightly' ARTS Blue Mountains Grammar Junior School – 'Adventurers' SS
Winston Heights Public School – 'United Nations' SS St Marys Catholic Primary School – 'Hope' ARTS
Schofields Public School – 'Team Bookworms' LL
Wentworth Falls Public School – 'Super Telepathic Elephant Monkeys' STEM
Merit Honours
Blue Mountains Grammar School LL Caroline Chisholm College – 'Language Literature' LL
Mitchell High School - 'Septagon' LL Caroline Chisholm College – 'Social Sciences' SS
Mitchell High School – '7 Union' STEM Caroline Chisholm College – 'STEM 1' STEM
Mitchell High School – '7 Harmonies' ARTS
Oakhill College – 'Year 7 & 8 Oakhill' SS
The Ponds High School – 'Team 1' ARTS

NSW West

Merit Honours
Dubbo West Public School SS Mudgee Public School – 'Pandora’s Box' LL
Mudgee Public School - 'Survivors' SS
St Joseph’s Primary School Molong - 'Marvels' SS
Merit Honours
MacKillop College Bathurst - 'The Ambiguous Bookclub' SS

Mid North Coast

Merit Honours
Toormina Public School - 'Toormi Tree Frogs' LL Tacking Point - 'Musicis Artisans' ARTS
Tacking Point - 'Socialis Heroibus' SS Tacking Point - 'Pellentesque Thinkers' STEM
Tacking Point - 'Simul Ut Unum' LL
Hastings PS - 'TOM-art-oes' ARTS
Merit Honours
Hastings Senior College - 'The Other team' SS Hastings Senior College - 'Team Ruby' SS
St. John Paul College - 'Ate Concrete Dry' ARTS


Merit Honours
Newcastle Grammar School LL St Paul's Gateshead STEM
New Lambton South PS - 'Egg Salad Sandwiches' ARTS
New Lambton South PS SS
Merit Honours
All Saints College SS Hunter Valley Grammar - 'The Elders' SS
Whitebridge High School - 'Humanities 7' SS

North Coast

Merit Honours
Alstonville Public School - 'Puella Virtute’ STEM Byron Bay - 'Thinkers’ STEM
Byron Bay Public School - 'Super Seven’ ARTS The Channon Public School SS
LL Rosebank Public School - 'Rosebank Raptors’ SS
Alstonville Public School - 'Genios’ ARTS
Evan River Community School - 'Hen-way’ ARTS
Evans River Community School - 'Order of the Phoenix’ ARTS
Byron Bay Public School - 'Courageous Creators’ ARTS
Merit Honours
St John's College Woodlawn ARTS St John's College Woodlawn LL
St John's College Woodlawn STEM
St John's College Woodlawn SS

North West

Merit Honours
Coonabarabran Public School – 'Ombella Diamonds' LL Armidale City Public School – 'ACPS 3' SS
Armidale City Public School – 'ACPS 2' SS Coonabarabran Public School – 'Coona Superstars' ARTS
Armidale City Public School – 'ACPS 1' ARTS
Merit Honours
Tamworth High School – 'Team B' STEM Peel High School – 'Team Harper' STEM
Tamworth High School – 'Team A' SS Peel High School – 'Team Gunn' ARTS
Peel High School – 'Team Burgess' ARTS


Merit Honours
Tumut Public School – 'The Crazy Chinchillas' LL Sturt Public School – 'Gengo Bungaku' LL
Sturt Public School – 'Sturt Stemasaurus' STEM Finley Public School – 'Romans on the Run' STEM
Lutheran School – 'The TOMinators' ARTS Trinity Catholic School – 'Tassie Tigers' ARTS
Gundagai Public School – 'The Marty McFlys' STEM Sturt Public School – 'The Sturt Social Scientists' SS
Merit Honours
The Riverina Anglican College - 'quaranTEAM' SS The Riverina Anglican College - 'Juneerians' SS

South Coast

Merit Honours
Mount Ousley Public School STEM The Illawarra Grammar School: Junior School LL
Huskisson Public School ARTS Berry Public School SS
Merit Honours
Illawarra Christian School - 'OptICS' SS Corpus Christi Catholic High School - 'People Eating Noodles' LL
Corpus Christi Catholic High School - 'The Cheerios' STEM Frensham LL
Ulladulla High School - 'Project P' SS
Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts - 'Amazonian Children of Venus' SS
Edmund Rice College - 'Deck of Kardz' STEM
Corpus Christi Catholic High School - 'Chicken Salt' ARTS
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