Australia-Pacific Finals - Results - 2016

Congratulations to all schools across Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Thailand for their participation in the Australasian Pacific Finals - 2016. Your solutions to the challenges were outstanding!

Social Science - SS
WINNER Sydney Girls High School "Tim Tam" NSW
HONOURS 1 The Knox School "Two x Pink" Vic
HONOURS 2 Esperance Senior High School Team 1 WA
WINNER Sandy Bay School Team 1 Tas
HONOURS 1 St Aloysius' College - Junior School "Aloys1" NSW
HONOURS 2 St Monica's School Team 1 SA
Engineering Maths - EM
WINNER Marymede Catholic College Team 1 VIC
HONOURS 1 Ogilvie High School Williams Tas
HONOURS 2 Miami State High School Team 3 Qld
WINNER Pulteney Grammar School Team Pulteney SA
HONOURS 1 Girton Grammar School Fluorescent Unicorns Vic
HONOURS 2 St John's Primary School St John's EM Team WA
Language Literature - LL
WINNER Sacred Heart College LL3 WA
HONOURS 1 Marist College Ashgrove Six and a half men Qld
HONOURS 2 Sefton High School Team 1 NSW
WINNER Aubin Grove Primary School Team 1 WA
HONOURS 1 Columba College   NZ
HONOURS 2 Nakara Primary School Team 1 NT
Science Technology - ST
WINNER St Andrew's Anglican College Team 5 Qld
HONOURS 1 Darwin Middle School Science Technology Team 1 NT
HONOURS 2 John Paul College Team 1 NSW
WINNER St Andrew's School St Andrew's Sci Tech SA
HONOURS 1 Esperance Primary School Team 1 WA
HONOURS 2 Goulburn Street Primary School Team 4 Tas

Spirit of TOM Awards - 2016

St Andrews International School Green Valley EM - Primary THA
The team bereaved with the death of their King functioned at a high level and devoted their Spontaneous solution to their beloved king.

Sacred Heart College EM1 EM - Secondary WA
With a room mix up and a change in venue just when Spont. arrived they managed it well while remaining extremely positive.

Fyans Park Primary School Tornado LL-P VIC
They encapsulate the Spirit of TOM through positive approach and interactions with others and also in their genuine appreciation and respect for the judges and organisers.

Walford Anglican School   EM-S SA
Overcame obstacles and showed tremendous support of each other in the way they tackled the challenge.

Yarraville West Primary School   SS-P NT
Had to wait to receive their challenge which caused nerves and coped really well and supported each other beautifully.

Darwin Middle School   ST-S NT
Stayed behind after all had left to clean theatre including the square and also made sure that the spectators thanked the judges as well.

Our Lady of Grace School Team 4 SS-P WA
For the courteous welcome of Spont. judges with exceptional manners and positivity.

Headstart International School Phuket SS-S THA
Smallest but most creative team that encapsulate the Spirit of TOM.