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Timeline for 2019

Term 1

  • Registrations Are Open
  • Facilitator Workshops - 'What is TOM'

Term 2

  • Team Development Workshops

Term 3

  • Challenges sent out
  • Student Workshops and Judges Training
  • Regional Tournaments - Saturday 31st August (Perth Metro) and Sunday 1st September (Country regions)
  • Branch Final Tournament - 15th September 2019

Term 4

  • TOM International Final - Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 25/26th October 2019


The weekend competition was electrifying with full enthusiasm, respect and energy.
Congratulations to the following teams who will be representing WA at the INTERNATIONAL FINALS in Darwin.


The TOM WA committee congratulates all participants on their fantastic efforts, team work, respect and total enthusiasm shown during this weekend.

Your results can be found here

Your participation certificates can be printed from your portal login

BRANCH FINAL will be held on the 9th September at ECU Joondalup campus.

Workshops - 2018

You can search, then register for a workshop using the Workshops page.

Term 1

What is TOM?  (Facilitators only)

When: Tuesday 13 February  at 4pm
Duration: 2 hours
Venue: Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley Campus - Building 18 Room 106

An introduction to TOM delving into the new long term challenges and the spontaneous.

Term 2

Simply Spontaneous  (Teams and facilitators)

When: Wednesday 18 April at 4pm
Duration: 2 hours
Venue: Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley Campus - Building 18 Room 106

The score for Spontaneous makes up 1/3 of the total score so it is essential that teams are provided with a range of thinking skills. Scoring criteria includes assessing teams for how they go about generating a multiplicity of creative responses to the stimulus; how well they work together as a team; how they organise their response. This workshop helps facilitators and teams to develop a range of group work and creative thinking skills  they can apply to all the different types of Spontaneous Challenges they may need to solve on Tournament of Day.

REGIONAL - Bunbury Cathedral Grammar Pavilion 

A Day with ToM! (Teams and Facilitators)

When: Monday 7th May 2018

Duration: 9:30am - 2:30pm

This workshop will cover ToM is all about, how the spontaneous challenges works and how to help teams to decode the written challenges. This will be through practical activities that students and facilitators can participate in. Our goal is to assist teams to effectively read through the challenges, critically evaluate their own skills and those required to solve the challenges and select effective presentation skills.

Term 3

Cracking the Challenge.  (Facilitators and Teams)

When: Saturday 21 July at 1pm
Duration: 3 hours
Venue: Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley Campus - Building 18 Room 106

Investigating the disciplines from which teams must choose their Six Week challenge – STEM, Language Literature or Social Sciences. What is different about these disciplines and what could be expected? Come and have a go at some of the challenges.

This workshop will assist teams to demystify challenges. Its primary purpose it to assist teams to read through the challenges critically evaluate their own skills and those required to solve the Challenge and select effective Presentation Skills.  Please note this workshop will not address individual challenges!

A DAY WITH TOM - Regional workshops will also be offered for Bunbury, Kalgoorlie and Geraldton.


We have found that coming to a workshop with other schools have been beneficial for the students to help learn from each other.

Tailored workshops

For individual schools can be organised. Please contact us to discuss the options.

2017 APF Finals Results

WA Team shines at the APF!

The WA Committee were super impressed with the whole team who represented WA and congratulate all the participants who competed at the International Final.


Our Lady of Grace Primary School for Science Technology

Esperance Senior High School for Language Literature

Sacred Heart College (Secondary) for Science Technology


St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls (Primary) for Engineering Mathematics

Sacred Heart College (Secondary) for Engineering Mathematics

Georgiana Malloy Anglican School (Secondary) for Social Science


We would like to acknowledge the hard work that all the teams (their facilitators and parents) have put in to prepare for the 2017 tournament. The journey isn't always easy but we hope you have enjoyed yourselves.

'I would like to thank you for all you hard work. The TOM competition day runs very smoothly. From a school's participation perspective - timetables run smoothly and on time. Rooms are ready. Registration is easy.
From a judge's perspective - same same. As well as yummy food, on time and rooms and equipment sorted and ready for use.
The TOM committee do an awesome job and I can only imagine the enormous effort and strategic planning that has taken place, for months prior to the event.
Congratulations on a very well organised and seamless day.'



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