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Welcome to QLD Tournament of Minds 2024!

***Note that School Registrations have now been extended until 24 July***
QLD Announcement

For the 2024 Regional Language Literature Challenge teams will need to become familiar with three of the following texts. Specific details of the Challenge will be provided in the Challenge Pack when it is released.

  • Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
  • Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor Coerr
  • The Lorax by Dr Seuss
  • Wonder by R J Palacio
  • Storm Boy by Colin Thiele
  • Uno's Garden by Graeme Base
  • Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
  • Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan
  • Blueback by Tim Winton
  • The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

2024 Tournament Timeline

All facilitators are reminded that students have a maximum of 6 WEEKS to complete the long term challenge. If the challenge releases earlier than this due to a different region's competition, please DO NOT allow students to access the challenge more than 6 weeks prior to their Tournament date.

Additionally, there will be materials posted for qualifying teams advancing to the QLD final through the TOM portal. Please check to ensure that students have all necessary materials prior to the QLD finals.

Please email [email protected] for details and to register for workshops.

  • Term One: Welcome to TOM webinar Feb 6th at 4pm. Workshops (online and face-to-face).
  • Term Two: Workshops (online & face-to-face).
  • Term Three:
Challenges released & Team Nomination opens |Monday 8th July 2024
Regionals |Sun Aug 18 - Gold Coast & Proserpine (access challenges 8th July)
Regionals |Sun Aug 25 - Sunshine Coast (access challenges 15th July)
Regionals |Sat Aug 31 - Brisbane (access challenges 22 July)
Queensland Final |Sun Sep 8th to be held on the Gold Coast

  • Term Four: TOM International Finals to be held in Sydney at UNSW Kensington Campus Nov 1 - 2


Are musical instruments allowed? Yes, Musical instruments are allowable in ALL challenges at all competition levels.

What can students use as props/costumes? Props and costumes must be created from the allowable materials list (things readily available at school means basic items (e.g., glue sticks and tape), NOT the Drama Dept costume cupboard or the Science Dept's Lego Robots!).

Can students integrate technology? If (and only if) there is a technology component specifically mentioned in the challenge, screens must be used as they are listed in the challenge, not as props or especially as scripts for students to read from.

Are the time limits enforced?Yes, students will have ten minutes to present their long-form challenge and the specified amount of time mentioned in the spontaneous challenge and only that material will be judged. Teams significantly below the time allowed are not penalised, but may not have time to fully meet the requirements of the challenge.

Will equipment (TV, Projector Screen) be available for the students to use within or behind the 3m x 3m square? If so, what connection is required for these devices eg. Airplay, HDMI, thumb drive?
The projector will be available next to the square and teams should please bring a laptop (in case of any malfunction) and an HDMI that they are certain works with their device. Airplay will not be available.

Can the students use this for backdrops, backgrounds, visual effects (if they have created these themselves using relevant software such as Sketches School)? AND
Can the students use sound effects if they have created these using relevant software such as Garage Band or recording their own sounds?
As per the challenge pack, a 'laptop computer, data projector, television, DVD player, CD-player, MP3/MP4 players or any other audio visual or Information Technology device which benefits your team’s presentation may be used for presentation purposes, only'. The screen provided or laptop can be used as a background or to generate sound effects, but it will be placed outside of the square. Musical instruments are always permitted. Individual screens such as iPads are not permitted to be used inside of the square as props or as parts of costumes.

Can the students use external speakers such as UE-Boom? Yes, this would be considered to be a type of 'player' for the purposes of the presentation. Note that it cannot be used as a prop or as part of a costume.

Can the students use lighting effects?As per the challenge pack, 'adjustments to the lighting will be at the Director’s discretion. Teams are, however, advised not to rely on lighting adjustments in their performance'. If you bring your own projector this may or may not result in lighting adjustments which are visible. Kindly note that the lighting in the venues for regional tournaments is often not adjustable or accessible to judges.

Professional Support for You!

Are you new to TOM and want to know how to compete? Are you facilitating a team for the first time? Are you a veteran school but eager to give your teams the best opportunity to progress?

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