Welcome to 2017 and Tournament of Minds Queensland!

Tournament of Minds (Queensland) Inc. is a not for profit organisation offering programs for students in creative thinking, problem solving and dramatic performance.



St Ita's Primary School - Language Literature

Marist College Ashgrove - Science Technology (Secondary)

St Andrews Anglican College - Science Technology (Primary)

Talara Primary School - Engineering Mathematics (Primary)

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Sunshine Coast
Saturday 25th August

Saturday 25th August

Gold Coast
Sunday 26th August
Griffiths University - Gold Coast
Saturday 8th September

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Engineering Mathematics

Language Literature

Social Sciences

Science Technology

Primary Winner

St Ita's Regional Primary School - Stitas ToMars

St Ita's Regional Primary School - ToM Mazing

Marist College Ashgrove - The Sketchy Sky-entists

Marist College Ashgrove - The Space Spaniards

Primary Honours

Marist College Ashgrove - The Marist Invaders

Marist College Ashgrove - Fast but not furious

Our Lady of the Angels School

Marist College Ashgrove - The Spicy Baguettes

Secondary Winner


Marist College Ashgrove - COJ

Marist College Ashgrove - The Spicy Baguettes

Marist College Ashgrove - Thunderbolt and Lightning (Very, very

Secondary Honours

- Marist College Ashgrove - Marist Martians/Old El Paso

Marist College Ashgrove - The Spicy Baguettes

Marist College Ashgrove - The Spicy Baguettes

HONOURS - Marist College Ashgrove - The Earth is Flat Society


Genesis Christian College

Queensland State Finals was held on September 10 at Griffith University (GOLD COAST) and the Australasian Pacific Finals will be held at Flinders University in Adelaide from October 26-29.
RegionDateVenueRegional DirectorContact Email
North QueenslandAugust 19TBAKath Underhill[email protected]
CapricorniaAugust 19TBAKath Underhill[email protected]
Sunshine CoastAugust 27University of the Sunshine CoastMichael Stock/Jillian Green[email protected]
Gold CoastAugust 26Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School SunnybankMichelle Flynn/Renea Christy[email protected]
Brisbane NorthAugust 26The Lakes CollegeJo Ward[email protected]
Brisbane SouthAugust 26Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School SunnybankJacinta Wilson[email protected]

Professional Support for You!

Are you new to TOM and want to know how to compete? Are you facilitating a team for the first time? Are you a veteran school but eager to give your teams the best opportunity to progress?

Our experienced comittee to TOM Fanatics can custom tailor a workshop for you and your kids offering TOM Teasers, Facilitator Workshops, Student Workshops, Creative Problem Solving Days and much more that all help the students get the most they possibly can out of our programme! For more information contact us on the link above.


TOM QLD Inc. would like to thank the following organisations for their continued support: